Wednesday, October 28, 2009


im so happy today!! because i had the greatest moment of my life!
i guess i can say tt i've graduated and getting my diploma cert soon! hahaha...
jus finished exam today and im not sure tt i will pass these 2 papers.. and of course i hope i can!
cux im not gg back to school for SUB paper! im still considering if i shld continue my advance dip... hmmm.. no money worr... i guess something tt u guys dunno..

im independent since im sec 4.. i pay my own sch fees, daily transport allowance, food, Internet bills, Hp bills, shampoo, facial product...EVERYTHING! Because only my mom is giving us allowance and NOT my dad.. what i can say is " jia jia you ben nan nian de jing". And i've moved out tgt with my mom and bro to woodlands HDB wher im currently staying..!

seriously i hate HDB flats.. as i guess bcux im use to staying in private house and im not adapt to this kind of always awaken by baby's crys, loud music, people talking so loudly, my dress was stolen!!! arhhh.. oh man! hmm... but i guess im still adapting... we do actually have another home at tampines.. but i guess my dad wont give it up.. not sure either.. since mommy is happy here so be it.. i'll jus stay here till??? i dunno.. i miss home..

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