Monday, September 14, 2009

Fetch dardar's mom to work this morning..

headed to town for some small mission at kinokuniya.. ^v^

lunched at takashimaya..

baby's sports day at east view sec sch..

and i'm there to baby sit des's kid.. oh.. dont call me nanny pls..

its my 1st time changing diapers for a kid.. oh my...

its not easy to to have a child.. i don wan it so soon even thou i love baby..

aft soccer,JB with baby,monster,ken and mes...
*dinner/pump petrol/car wash..

baby sent me home..b4 that we went to give out some flyers and nearby blocks..

hope dardar's business is good for the new week... *JY*

Alright I’m going to stop here. its 2.36am now..

im dozing offffff.... tml starting school le..aft 1 week of holiday... hmmmm... >.<

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