Monday, August 25, 2008

❤over the RAINBOW❤

YUPPX.. tdy is my off day! in a afternoon talking tins out wid dardar.. cried fer hours.. **SADDED** sorry dar..! hmmm.. he brought "COOKIIE" (baby's dog) to my hse tdy.. "BUBBLY" moi dog was v v unhappy! he rush in my hse.. tin wanna chase cookiie out of the hse.. lolx..
dardar, ordered pizza... my fav! after eating went fer nap... -seems gd life huh?- but i didnt slp fer e whole nite.. cuz quarrel wid baby~! sobx...
wen to fetch my bro.. his 1st day in sch(MDIS).. wanna give him surprise..but,b4 tt his gf help mi straighten my hair.. hahax.. thanks da sao..^^*

wen east coast de carls js but e ppl chase us out.. *no pets allow* poor cookiie! no choice but to da bao.. =( but it was drizzling.. poor us.. haf to look fer shelter..

last but nt least.. i wanna thank jean, tanny, yu hui, ling ying, ah liang(ling ying's fren but i dunno hu).. thanks fer ur concern n support wen im dwn.. love u guys so much.. MUACKIES~!!

- trying out, if she cn fit inside my basket ^^ -


- b4 we're chase out, hahax -


- erm, haf u guys decided which direction to go? -

- staring at bikers doing stuns -
- cookiie's territory -
- cookiie looks lyk Bangladesh,LOLX! -
- the burger is the size of my palm~ -

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